We share images of the SAP Training Program that we run at Correo Argentino.

Excellent joint work team for a program that seeks to improve performance, leveraging its Management tool and Process Vision.


In-company trainings were developed, achieving participation in the initiative of:

+ 220 people between attendees and referents involved

+ 10 business areas

+ 20 references with whom we work as a team for the assembly of the materials




The Process Cycles of:

– Pre-sale to Collection

– From Necessity to Payment.

Top-down presentations were made from the end-to-end Overview of the cycles to each of their sub-processes.

Work instructions were carried out which will provide day-to-day support and material for future facilitators in charge of repetitions of these trainings.


Photos: Program Kick Off and Training Sessions.

McMahon Team:

* Lorena Barboza,

* Rafael De Luca,

* Luz Carrodani,

and the special participation of Juan Pablo Ivanier.